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What is Insurance Nerds?

We show you just how insurance is a fun and interesting career. Our focus has always been on helping you grow your career and helping you understand the future of the insurance industry. Much more info on our About page.

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Really like what you're doing and it probably needed to be done in the insurance industry! My manager saw you speak yesterday and sent your website around. Good stuff, keep up the good work!

Gordon Collier Executive Recruiter

I'm very inspired by InsNerds!

Cara Carlone Customer Care Manager

I want to reach out and express my appreciation to you and InsNerds. I have been following InsNerds for a while now. I first started following the page when I was looking for a future career. InsNerds helped solidify my decision to join the insurance industry. I was able to see the phenomenal opportunities arising for my generation within an industry that is a pillar of society. Then, I was able to dig deeper, ask questions and receive answers about which designations to pursue. I am extremely excited to be joining HUB International Limited as a Client Executive upon my graduation from Purdue University. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Tony Cañas of Insurance Nerds and to my supervisor, Riley Totten. They have both enabled and prepared me for my future career.

Trevor De Vries Programs Insurance Intern

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The most awesome podcast in insurance!

Profiles in Risk is our original podcast. It is now dedicated to interviews of influencers in the Insurance and InsurTech industries. New episodes every Sunday night.

Our book Insuring Tomorrow: Engaging Millennials in the Insurance Industry is a best seller and it has a 4.9 Stars average on Amazon.

Need Career Advice? Chat with Tony: Our co-founder Tony Cañas is so passionate about helping you grow your insurance career that he offers one hour phone chats to help you figure out where you want to go, give you career advice and open some doors with you from his 8,500+ LinkedIn connections! Oh, and it’s free.

The World’s Simplest Insurance Glossary explains the complicated world of insurance in Simple English, using only the 1,000 most common words in the language so even a 6 year old can understand it.

The Bookshelf features our reading recommendations for insurance professionals.