Profiles in Risk – Episode 25: Richard McCathron, Head of Insurance at Hippo Insurance

or Subscribe. In this episode of Profiles in Risk we spoke with Rick McCathron, the head of insurance at Hippo Insurance. Hippo is a digitally native homeowner insurer currently writing out of California. Rick spoke about Hippo’s mission to provide a modern insurance product, that covers assets that the modern homeowners need covered today (yeah, they … Read more


This article originally appeared in Carly’s monthly column in Best’s Review – May 2017. Generally, when I write about Millennials, I’m thinking of those of us in the industry and those who we are trying to attract as new talent. There’s a whole constituency that I don’t often devote much thought to. These are our … Read more

The Capital Advantage – How Capital Requirements Put Small Insurers Behind The 8-Ball

  This article originally published on “Insurance is the most capital-intensive of all U.S. industries, according to our estimates, and building up market share requires substantial investment. The amount of capital required to compete also pushes the industry toward fewer and larger firms“   It is commonly said that insurance is a capital intensive … Read more

Podcast Episode 13 – Hippo and the Digital Insurers

or Subscribe. Innovative: in·no·va·tive ˈinəˌvādiv/ Show Notes: Innovator’s Dilemma: The Model: Lemonade’s InsNerds articles: and Hippo InsNerds articles: Nick’s IoT article:   We get a small commission if you buy The Innovator’s Dilemma using the link above.  

Examining The Investment Potential Of Purely Digital Residential Insurers

Originally published at by Nick Lamparelli   Lately, I have been publishing posts related to the investment potential of various new #InsurTech startups based on a mental model that I process my hypotheses through. Briefly, for an #InsurTech startup to create significant returns for investors it must be able to create and capture significant value … Read more