Why I Love Insurance: Brad’s Story

This article written by Brad Barnett, AVP National Media & Sports Marketing at Nationwide Insurance. My journey from majoring in technology, to being a marketing leader I remember being an undergrad freshman when I needed to choose what I wanted to do professionally. While sitting with advisors, I admittedly had no plan. I’ve always envied … Read more

Local Agents: To Win Be Authentic

Tony has spent the last 2 years helping small and medium independent agents grow in the incredibly competitive Northern California market. During this time, he’s visited a LOT of different agencies with different personalities, strategies and results. Many smaller local agents have been hit hard by the perceived commoditization of personal lines and fierce competition … Read more

The Fancy Goldfish Principle

In 2019 we added a video companion to this article:   As a Territory Sales Manager with a gigantic territory, I drive a lot. Last week I was running a little early for a meeting with one of my very favorite agencies in Santa Rosa, CA, so I decided to stop at the nearest Office … Read more

Sleeping with the Enemy Might be the Only Way to Save Personal Lines

In 2019 we added a video companion to this article: Competition in Insurance is Increasing Fast The last decade has brought tumultuous changes to the insurance industry and especially to the way insurance is sold. We now find ourselves in a world where insurers have become some of the top spending advertisers in the country … Read more