7 Ways to Engage Your Millennial Employees

2017 Update: We ended up writing a book about this topic and it quickly became a best seller. More info here.   Tony has been very active in the industry efforts to recruit and retain Millennials in the insurance industry. He led the session on the topic at the 2014 CPCU Society Leadership Summit in … Read more

The Guerrilla Guide to Getting Leadership Experience

In 2019 we added a video companion to this article: How many times have you applied for a leadership role only to be rejected due to lack of leadership experience? There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re kicking butt in your job, you love it and know that you’ll be an amazing manager once you … Read more

10 Commandments for Young Insurance Professionals

I. Thou shall start working on CPCU right away, and join the society. II. Thou shall network often both in the company and in the industry. III. Thou shall seek at least one mentor. IV. Thou shall never think of thyself as an hourly employee, it is merely a temporary condition. V. Thou shall honor … Read more