Takeaways from the 2016 CPCU Society Leadership Summit

Last year, we shared some tips on how to make the most of the CPCU Society Leadership Summit. This year, we were both able to attend, and we Live-Tweeted many of the sessions that we attended using the hashtag  #CPCU16.  We left the conference motivated and excited about the future of the industry. The Leadership … Read more

It Doesn’t Take an Underwriter To Say “No”…

Today’s guest article was written by Sam Tucker, CEO of Carrier Risk Solutions, Inc and was originally published on InsNerds.com “It takes an Underwriter to find a way!” This is one of the most memorable quotes that I ever heard from another insurance professional. The year was 2006 and I was a wet behind the ears … Read more

7 Reasons to Major in Risk Management & Insurance

  1. 100% Employment: One of the big reasons to go to college is to make sure you’re employed in a good career after you graduate. The Insurance Industry is predicted to continue growing for decades to come, and the existing RMI programs only feed 15% of its needs each year, which means if you … Read more

Hacking the CPCU Society Annual Meeting

I love, love, love the Annual Meeting! I love it so much that I have not missed a single one since I got my CPCU in 2011. I love it so much that I skipped part of a Europe trip with my girlfriend to attend Anaheim 2014 (she now knows never to schedule anything to … Read more

Harnessing Alternative Skills in the Insurance Industry – A Wake-up Call

This article originally appeared on InsNerds.com. Those of us who have worked in and around the commercial Insurance industry understand that it has a great responsibility to society. Without insurance, trains wouldn’t leave the terminal, power stations wouldn’t produce electricity, sports events wouldn’t happen, banks wouldn’t open – day-to-day life would simply cease to function as people cannot afford to bear … Read more