It Doesn’t Take an Underwriter To Say “No”…

Today’s guest article was written by Sam Tucker, CEO of Carrier Risk Solutions, Inc and was originally published on “It takes an Underwriter to find a way!” This is one of the most memorable quotes that I ever heard from another insurance professional. The year was 2006 and I was a wet behind the ears … Read more

Catastrophe Models: A Non-Technical Primer

This article originally appeared on   “The information you have is not the information you want. The information you want is not the information you need. The information you need is not the information you can obtain. The information you can obtain costs more than you want to pay” ― Peter L. Bernstein, Against … Read more

What we Learned at Dinner with Warren Buffett – Part 2

If you read our most recent article, “What we Learned at Dinner with Warren Buffet,” you’ll already know that Tony has truly earned the title Insurance Nerd after dreaming about hours long insurance conversations. After he woke up, we started this series to share Warren Buffet’s insurance industry wisdom from his letters. Last week, we talked … Read more