Undiscovered Voices


Undiscovered Voices: Unlocking the Potential of Women in Insurance

Written by Sarah Muniz:

The Insurance Industry has operated under an antiquated system of how they attract, foster and promote talent, which is culminating in a significant talent crisis. What if the answer to that crisis was to use the talent we already have, talent that the system has so far ignored and pushed out?

Women make up nearly half of the industry yet rarely get promoted beyond middle management, so they leave insurance to find better career opportunities. Undiscovered Voices takes a hard look at the systems in insurance that perpetuate women being left to the side, including stories from industry professionals, and how we can work to support women in insurance. The answer to the crisis isn’t entirely in attracting new talent – it’s using what’s already here.

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Enjoyed it

I wanted to start by saying just how much I enjoyed this book. I have now edited several books about the insurance industry, and I can see how your book fits firmly into the current landscape. I found it interesting, and I especially enjoyed the fact that you avoided the temptation to simply outline problems without any further explanation or solution. Instead, you did the opposite, presenting complex reasons for problems and then presenting complex solutions to these problems. Yet, at no point did I feel that what you were suggesting was either unachievable or something that even the most this organised company could not introduce with relative thought.

Gary Editor

A fresh first-hand account

"Undiscovered Voices" is a fresh first-hand account of the challenges women face in the insurance industry. Ms.Muniz does an admirable job presenting relevant studies of gender dynamics in insurance and other industries. The book's more scholarly sections are supported by sections containing rich narratives about women's lived experiences. Ms. Muniz argues that insurance has a large but poorly understood impact on the lives of millions of people, and as such, the more we know about the insurance industry's internal dynamics, the better. Her book is an excellent resource for readers contemplating a career in insurance, and for those interested in learning more about corporate gender dynamics.

Gabe Ignatow Professor of Sociology - University of North Texas

A Fresh Perspective

Sarah eloquently delivers truths about gender differences in the insurance biz. As a business owner, it’s always great to get other viewpoints when I’m stuck in my ways. I enjoyed her fresh perspective on how to make sure everyone is included in advancement.

David Call Founder - Ryan Everett Insurance


About the Author:

Sarah Muniz

Sarah Muniz has been in the insurance industry for over twenty years working on the agency side as a Customer Service Representative, producer, and with an aggregator and insurtech. She currently lives in Texas with her husband and two children.



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