Want InsNerds to cover your conference?

As InsNerds gets bigger and bigger we are getting more invites to attend insurance and #InsurTech conferences and cover them on the blog so we created a process to make it easier.

  1. Check out our coverage of previous CPCU Society Leadership Summit.
  2. Check out our coverage of DigIn 2016.
  3. Check out our coverage of NAMIC 2016 here, here and here.
  4. Check out our coverage of the Underwriting Collaboration Seminar 2017.
  5. It’s important to understand that InsNerds is a passion project/grassroots effort and we all have day jobs in the industry (and limited vacation time!) so we can’t accommodate every request.
  6. If you can offer us a virtual free pass to watch the conference online (whether live or shortly thereafter) like NAMIC 2016 then it’s much easier for us to do it.
  7. If you can offer us a free press pass we will do our best to make it happen but can’t make any guarantees given travel costs and limited vacation times. We do appreciate the offer!
  8. If you can offer us a free press pass and travel costs your chances are significantly better! Travel costs are just a two way flight from Atlanta, Pennsylvania or Boston (depending on who can come) and mid-level business hotel accommodations (a Hilton Garden Inn type hotel).
  9. If the conference is in an awesome location like London we’ll be much more tempted to do everything we can to make it!
  10. If it’s a conference we’ve been dying to go for years like the Annual RIMS Conference or the CPCU Reinsurance Symposium we’re more likely to do everything we can to go! *Hint Hint*
  11. Invitations to speak are even more valuable to us than invitations to cover the conference as press, maybe we could do both.