Build vs Buy – A Debate and Discussion On How To Create and Optimize A Decision Criteria (WEBINAR RECAST)

(This is a recast of the LIVE webinar hosted by Insurance Nerds, and sponsored by ProNavigator) The webinar discusses the critical decision-making process of whether organizations should build or buy technology solutions, emphasizing the importance of differentiation, talent management, and understanding organizational DNA to make informed choices. [00:00]( Discussion on the importance of deciding between … Read more

Insuring Against Litigation: Demotech, 4Warn, & the Battle Against Florida’s Litigation Surge Abuse (AoB S1E8)

Is the insurance crises in Florida due to bad insurance practices or litigation abuse. In this episode, Nick discusses the topic with Todd Kozikowski of 4Warn and Joe Petrelli of Demotech (a national insurance company rating agency) Introduction – Quick overview of Demotech’s history and its critical role in rating insurance companies. – Introduction of … Read more

How Building Your Technology Infrastructure, Is Like Building A Winning Football Team

When the 2024 National Football League (NFL) college draft kicked off recently, we were glued to the action. (Nickโ€™s beloved New England Patriots got their quarterback of the future ๐Ÿคž, while Bruceโ€™s alma mater, LSU, had not one but two top ten first-round draft picks, including the Heisman Trophy winner, Jayden Daniels going at #2 … Read more