Worker’s Compensation and Marijuana Part 2: Do more states need to adopt a fee schedule or reimbursement rates for marijuana?

This is the second in a multi-part series on the effects of the ongoing legalization of marijuana in the worker’s compensation insurance ecosystem. In case you missed it here’s part one. This series is being ran in preparation for a panel on “Legalization of Marijuana and the Impaired Workforce” that the author is moderating at the AmComp … Read more

Unleash the Power of the Personal Schedule

Winning habits aren’t always the most complex. Enhance clarity to build consistency and establish accountability through the simple discipline of scheduling. Scheduling is the process of having a plan, or at least attempting to set up how your day will ideally go. Writing down your goals is important to do on the macro level of … Read more

4 Reasons Insurance Professionals Benefit from Toastmasters

 Networking Are you stuck in a cubical or strapped to a wired headset in a call center? It can sometimes seem impossible to network while managing job responsibilities and your unhappy customers. Quite frankly, I imagine you leave some customer conversations and seek blissful solitude. However, isolation can be detrimental to future opportunities. A corporate … Read more

Tips to Ace EVERY CPCU Test

Studying Tip 1 Look at the “Education Objectives “. You find them at the start of each assignment and they are your secret weapon. When they make the questions, you can be sure that almost all of them fit neatly in this list. Right out of the gate you know what they intend to ask … Read more