Why I Love Insurance – Dr. Mark’s Story

Note from Tony: Mark is not yet a doctor, but he’s working on his PhD. I decided to call him “Dr. Mark” above.

Similar to many others my journey did not start with an ambition to be in insurance. I had aspirations to be a veterinarian but, due to personal circumstances, things shifted in college. Thus, was the start of my Millennial acquisition of my “tool box,” my collection of skills applicable to all fields but specific for none. Bouncer, ice cream scooper, financial advisor, tax litigation paper pusher, customer service representative, etc. It was not until a change in demographic and geographic location that my love for insurance begun.


I traded the sunny beaches of California for the changing seasons of the east coast. I gambled financial security and employment for a new beginning. I embodied the mantra of Millennials that life is not just to work but work is a means to live life. With no established roots such a leap of faith was feasible. A jump that would lead me to an industry I fell in love with.

While expanding my tools in the financial market I was approached by a predominant yet, unknown to me, insurance carrier in New Jersey. Insurance was intriguing due to its ambiguity. Like the story lines of Wizard of Oz or the Matrix I wanted to look behind the curtain to see what makes insurance “tick.”

Thus, with each bite of knowledge, I know I can not stop. Even today, I am still searching to see how far this rabbit hole goes. With each page turned a new chapter is written. Autonomous vehicles, ride sharing, pay for use policies are among those chapters just starting to be written. However, with each chapter , one underlying theme is ever relevant, “ the mitigation of risk will be ever needed and constantly put to the test.”

It’s very, very deep

So for those aspiring graduates, traveling professionals, or seasoned employees seeking an industry that will constantly challenge, reward with security, and want to experience the love expressed not only in my story but in the many others on InsNerds.com I say to you, “ follow the white rabbit” and lets see how far this rabbit hole goes together.

Best regards fellow traveler.


About Dr. Mark Tarmann Jr., CPCU, MBA, ARM, AIC, AIS, AINS, API

Dr. Mark J Tarmann Jr. is the innovator behind #LaisseznotLazy, a dynamic speaker, researcher, and author dedicated to Millennial employee development, retention, & leadership succession in the industry of risk management. He was awarded his doctorate in business administration by Walden University in 2017 for his research on small to medium enterprise (SME) succession planning and millennial employee development. His ambitions include a desire to contribute to society by leaving a lasting impression among all he interacts with, and share his gift in education through teaching, training, and leadership.

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