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When I first started studying for the CPCU Designation, I really didn’t think that obtaining my CPCU would do anything except provide a free trip to Hawaii, potentially advance my career, and let me learn more about the insurance industry.  Those three motivators were enough to entice me to go for the designation. What I did not know was that there were far more opportunities that I had yet to discover.

I started getting involved with baby steps. I started attending our local I-Day as soon as it was permitted at my company.  At first, I was not involved any more than being a participant in the audience. The year after I obtained my CPCU Designation, I was approached to be on the local board as the Vice President. The Vice President in our chapter is responsible for putting together I-Day, and considering I had just planned a wedding the year before, I think they thought that made me a great candidate (hopefully there were other reasons as well). The year that I was Vice President, it was a lot of work, but it was very rewarding.

After that year, I was going through a job transition, so I chose to take on less responsibility for the next calendar year. I chose to stay on the board as a Member at Large/ Social Media Chair.  I still wanted to be involved, but I didn’t want to commit to too many obligations, not knowing if my next employer would support CPCU involvement (which they do!). Being the Member at Large/Social Media Chair provides opportunities to be as involved or uninvolved as I would like to be.

Now that you know a little bit more about my experiences, here are my five reasons why I participate in the CPCU Society:

Networking Opportunities:

I have been introduced to people of all different backgrounds, experiences, levels, and segments of the business. During my job change, I had so many people reach out to me with opportunities and words of encouragement! I always have options on who to reach out to about various insurance related topics or career advice.


Leadership Opportunities:

No matter what stage of your career you are in, there may not always be opportunities to expand your leadership skill sets in your everyday role. Being part of a professional organization, there are always ways to get involved. I’ve developed my public speaking, planning, and collaboration skills. This has helped me become a more effective leader, no matter what role I am in.


Staying Current in the Industry:

Being part of the CPCU Society has expanded my knowledge in all aspects of the business. I have learned about innovation, emerging trends, and various other industry related topics that have helped me become more knowledgeable about the industry as a whole. We all know that the way businesses were run 10 years ago can be very different from the ways that they are ran now. Keeping up with the changes is very important to me!


Being a Mentor/Mentee:

I can’t tell you how many “mentors” I have had. I also can’t tell you how many people I have informally mentored. Most of the time the conversations just naturally flow.


Having Fun:

Our chapter has put on several social events throughout the years. We have gone to basketball games, baseball games, driving ranges, and several other events. I also have had opportunities to attend the CPCU Annual Meeting and The Leadership Summit.  It is always a good time getting together to socialize and learn with people that have common interests. It isn’t always about claims and policies!



About Aslea Bearden

Ashlea is Currently a Claims Support Supervisor at State Farm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been developing and coaching a team of 10-13 employees for the past 3 years. Ashlea is looking for a new role in the Tulsa area because the Tulsa Operations Center is scheduled to close in 2019. Ashlea is a passionate insurance professional that has extensive knowlege of the overall industry . She began her career with State Farm in 2012, as a Homeowners Adjuster. She then was selected for a Leadership Development Role supervising a team of 10. After her temporary role ended, she expanded her knowledge base in Auto Injury Claims. She excels at time management, collaborating with others, data analysis, and process improvements. She has obtained 6 different insurance designations, and has served on many different boards for Women's Networking Group, Young Business Professionals, and most recently she served as the NEOK CPCU Vice President for the 2017 year, and has chosen to remain on the board as a Member At Large for 2018. Ashlea holds herself to a very high standard, and expects the same out of the people she leads. She has experience in leading multiple projects; specifically business continuity planning, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion efforts across the department. Ashlea enjoys mentoring and effectively coaching others to help reach their career goals, and she shares her experiences along the way. Ashlea has a strong reputation for utilizing different strategies to achieve individualized goals for employees of all backgrounds and tenures. She is proactive in identifying gaps in workflows and processes, and she communicates effectively with business partners to find resolutions. Ashlea has a positive attitude, and influences others to do the same.

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