A Brief Interview with Nanette Bulger, Presenter on Changes in the Competitive Intelligence Discipline

This is the fourth in a series of brief interviews with speakers, presenters, moderators or panelists at the Society of Insurance Research Annual Conference and Exhibits, which is being held October 20-22 in Charlotte, NC. You can register for the event here: https://www.sirnet.org/SIRMember/Events/2019_Annual_Conference/Event_Collector.aspx

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What is your name and what do you do?

  • My name is Nanette Bulger and I am an independent consultant on the international stage. Prior to this, I was CEO of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) organization and a strategist for a number of different industries.


What is your role at the 2019 SIR Annual Conference? If you’re presenting, what can attendees expect to learn from your presentation?

  • My role at the conference will be to present on the topic of changes in the competitive intelligence discipline and Industry. With the onset of big data, artificial intelligence, and easy access to information, it is changing the profession on a profound basis. Most people worry that their jobs are going away if they are involved in competitive intelligence which is not the case. We will discuss the changes that are happening and how you as a professional should prepare your skill-set to sustain relevancy.


How did you get involved with the SIR?

  • I was asked to speak given that a number of members of this organization also came from the competitive intelligence organization programming as well.


What do you see as the biggest challenges/opportunities for the Insurance Ecosystem in the next 5 years?

  • While I am not an expert in the insurance industry, I can tell you that anyone performing decision support and decision-making for an organization will experience the same thing. That is this. The way that information is collected, the way it is analyzed, and the way decisions are made is changing. Additionally, in a global world one needs to have skills that not only expand the number of skillsets including expert analysis skills and a working knowledge of data science, but they will have to perform on a global basis. In addition, new frameworks are arising which are focused more on building proper assumptions than just gathering data to support a hypothesis that has been set forth whether it has been proven or not. We will talk about these things.


What is the best piece of advice you have for someone building an insurance career?

  • Again my focus is on building a good decision support and decision-making skills that regardless of Industry. As a result, my best piece of advice is to advance your strategic skills. In addition, you need to advance your leadership skills because your job will morph from being the data-gather and the analyzer to the advisor. We will talk about what that means.


Besides your own session, what are you most excited about at SIR 2019?

  • I am of course very interested in the networking aspect of the conference. I think this conference is really advancing not only the insurance profession but also the skills needed to provide your organization with a competitive advantage.


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