Stop Talking About Millennials

Yeah we know we’re interesting but there’s a new group of people that might be the most underrated generation to date: Generation Z.

They’re the up and coming group of people who are the first to have truly grown up with the connected technology that is now a ubiquitous presence in modern-day life.

But just how are they different and how should businesses be engaging with them?

In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery we answer these questions and divert some of the attention away from the Infamous Millennial.

About Amber Wuollet

Amber is a people-focused creative type who is energized by challenge, fueled by coffee, and fascinated by the power of data and innovation to reshape the world. She spend her days surrounded by data scientists and product leaders who see opportunity in each problem and solutions to each question. She's the co-host of The Insurance Nerdery video blog by Insurance Nerds.

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