Get Ready! with Tony Steuer – E2: Bob Bingham on The Future of Financial Services

Do you know how to build your business? What is the future for the financial services industry? How does being focused on the client make you stand out?

In this episode, Tony spoke with Bob Bingham. Bob is the co-founder of the wealth management firm, Bingham, Osborn and Scarborough. He founded the firm in 1985 with his Amherst College classmate Ed Osborn. BOS now manages close to $5 billion in assets, has nine partners, and approximately 50 employees in two Bay Area offices – its headquarters in San Francisco and its branch office in Redwood Shores.




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I make the complex world of financial services easy to understand so that people feel empowered to take control of their financial lives. A recognized authority on financial preparedness - in case of that disaster you did not expect - I advocate for ethics, integrity and consumer protection within the financial industry.

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