Changing the Way You Think About Money – The Get Ready Blueprint: Week 5 – Organize Your Financial Documents

(NOTE: We will use Fun Financial Fridays as a way to provide insights on how financial and money professionals think about, lecture on and practice financial discipline. These posts will follow Tony Steuer’s Get Ready Formula and we will provide a summary of his weekly recommendations from this 52 week workbook titled The Get Ready Blueprint – A 52 Week Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money. This is a true workbook with areas to pencil in responses, habit and journaling.)

  • In week 1️⃣ you should’ve set your North Star, your mission to financial competency
  • In week 2️⃣, you should’ve defined your goals and priorities
  • In week 3️⃣, you should match you goals to the life stage you are preparing for
  • Week 5️⃣, is all about organizing your financial documents.

As Tony says in the workbook: “organizing your financial life will make your life easier”. If you have goals you want to hit, milestones you want to reach, if you want to get through those life events and life stages we discussed in weeks prior, then being organized will be crucial.

  • Where are your physical documents stored?
    • personal papers?
    • contracts?
    • tax statements?
  • Consider a binder and a fire proof safe – a safe deposit box at a bank is also a safe place to store crucial physical documentation
    • can you scan and digitize those documents?
    • do you have a cloud storage area (such as google drive, apple cloud, dropbox etc) so that you can see digital assets from any device globally?
  • Make sure you know where everything is. Add the locations to your year-end summary
  • What changes have you made or would like to make to your organization system?



Goals Defined
Educate Yourself
Think about how you think

Relevancy to you
Evaluate your options
Assemble the pieces
Detailed focus
Yearly review

Next week (week 6️⃣), we Tony provides advice on decluttering your documents.

(This workbook is meant to tie to the calendar year, so that you can tie specific dates, like income tax due dates, to your goals and planning. For this date, October 20, 2023, we are in week 43 of the year)


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