Get Ready! with Sheryl Brown: Female Advocacy in the Financial Services Community

On business efficiency: take out the things that are big item expenses and try to pare those down. You’ll streamline your business, you’ll cut your costs and you’ll make yourself more efficient. The money that you save from that, reinvest that money into other areas marketing yourself and amplify your thought leadership instead. Sheryl Brown

In this episode, I spoke with Sheryl Brown, Founder of Females and Finance about starting a movement for women in financial services. We also discussed Sheryl’s work as an advocate for women. Lastly, we covered how women can be successful in the financial services industry.

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Sheryl Brown is a thirty-year veteran of the financial services profession. She is an international speaker on the topics of social and digital marketing strategies for financial services professionals and organizations. In 2018, Sheryl founded Females and Finance, a private networking community of more than 2,400 women working in financial services and financial technology.

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