How To Identify Your Superpowers

Calling all superheroes!

When we think of superheroes, we often think comic characters with superhuman abilities like Spiderman (can shoot webs and regenerate), the Hulk (turns green and gigantic), and Wonder Woman (superhuman strength, speed, flight, healing, and semi-immortality). Each of these heroic individuals was born with or obtained special abilities commonly referred to as Superpowers.

But What About Batman? Iron Man? Black Widow?

These superheroes, and many others, weren’t born with super strength nor did they acquire spidey-senses from a spider bite. Collectively they saved countless lives and did it all with the same mundane mortality as the rest of us. What did it take? Billions of dollars and a dedicated purpose and mission.

You may not have billions sitting on the sidelines at the moment, but that’s okay. Even without their inherited fortunes, I’m convinced Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark would have found a way to achieve their life missions no matter what challenges they faced.

It Comes Down To Their WHY?

I promise I’ll share how you can get your superpowers in a moment, but bear with me and let’s take a deeper dive into Batman.

Batman’s superpowers arose from his vigilante mission of stopping at no length to avenge the death of his parents and fight crime everywhere in Gotham. He cared for this mission so deeply that he dedicated his life to training himself physically and mentally, and even drew power from his bat-inspired persona. After watching his parents be murdered by petty thief Joe Chill, no one could have swayed Bruce Wayne from this path of justice.

More than his physical strength, his crafty intellect, his bat-inspired gadgets, or his philanthropic lifestyle, Batman’s superpower was his determination, persistence, and an insatiable hunger for justice.

Superheroes like Batman are examples of near-mortal/near-normal superheroes whose superpowers extended well beyond their physical and mental capabilities. Like Batman, each of you has superpowers, too.

How Do I Find My Superpowers?

I will now highlight three paths for how to identify your superpowers. I encourage you to read all three as this may help you better identify your authentic powers.

Path 1: Self-Discovery

You may already know your superpowers, and that’s great!

When people ask you to describe yourself, you may have two or three adjectives that come to mind. If you’ve taken Myers-Briggs or any other personality test, this may be a great place to start as well. Even if you already have a few strengths in mind, I’d encourage you to truly ponder over what it is you find yourself good at. What sort of skills do you excel with? What are you passionate about?

Write them down, pick them out.

Remember, don’t stop at this path, though, and follow through with the next exercises.

Path 2: What’s Your Why?

Earlier, I referenced Bruce Wayne’s why. Sure, he had unlimited time, financial resources, and an affinity for bats. BUT Batman would never have existed if it wasn’t for Bruce’s mission. Unwavering in his mission to rid Gotham City of criminals, to seek justice, and to avenge the death of his parents, Bruce would stop at nothing to accomplish these goals.

So what’s your why? This might naturally lead you to come up with your superpowers.

Path 3: Ask Around *Recommended*

By far my favorite strategy is this: Ask three people, a friend, a partner/parent, and someone you’re not all that close with, to describe you with any three adjectives. Before doing this, be aware that you are opening yourself up to both praise and strengths, but also potential criticism and weaknesses. Be neutral in your posing of the question, but eager to learn how others view you.

I truly believe this strategy is effective as there is often a difference between how you view yourself and how others view you. Combining the feedback can provide you with a good pool of superpowers and new insights into the way you are portrayed to others.

You Have Your Superpowers, Now What?

You’ve done it! You have two or three superpowers, but what now?

Activate them!!!

Embrace your mission, your why, and your superpowers. Double down, strengthen them. Be like Batman. Work tirelessly to hone your superpowers so that you can make a difference. These traits set you apart and make you a unique job candidate, friend, and partner. Intertwine your superpowers into your resume, your LinkedIn, and your experiences. These themes strengthen your pedigree and help others better understand who you actually are and what you can bring.

Here Are A List of Potential Superpowers:

Ambitious Amiable Amusing Brave Bright Broad-Minded Calm Charming

Communicative Compassionate Considerate Courageous Creative Decisive

Determined Diligent Diplomatic Dynamic Emotional Energetic Enthusiastic

Faithful Fearless Friendly Funny Generous Gentle Good Gregarious

Hard-Working Helpful Honest Humorous Imaginative Impartial Independent

Intelligent Intuitive Inventive Kind Loving Loyal Modest Neat Nice

Optimistic Passionate Patient Persistent Pioneering Practical Pro-Active

Quick-Witted Rational Reliable Resourceful Responsible Self-Disciplined

Sensible Sincere Sociable Straightforward Sympathetic Thoughtful Tidy

Tough Trustworthy Understanding Versatile Warm-Hearted Witty Zany


In the words of the late Stan Lee (via Uncle Ben):

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!”

Good luck to all the new superheroes out there!

About Dexter Bell

Dexter Bell is a people-focused, problem solving insurance professional who regularly uses data analysis and customer experience metrics to advance the risk management and insurance industries. As a Gen-Zer, he brings a fresh approach and perspective to numerous problems in the industry, and has provided solutions in client distribution, excess casualty, employee benefits, and a variety of SME markets. Through research with the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center, speaking at industry conferences, and involvement with Gamma Iota Sigma and the CPCU Society, Dexter is passionate about continued education in insurance and sharing his thoughts on evolving trends and opportunities within the industry.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the book Now, Discover Your Strengths. It takes you through a strengths assessment (online – free with purchase of the book). It helped me to see that my strengths had nothing to do with technical competencies, and I have built my career with a recognition that any role that does not help me develop those strengths will not be successful, either for me or my employer. It is part of a series published by Gallup – the other books are also quite good.


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