Claims 2020 Predictions

The Claims space has seen incredible transformation in the last few years. The adoption of new technology and rapidly changing customer expectations continue to impact the promise end of the insurance policy.

Which trends will continue into 2020 and change the way we interact with insureds and claimants?

In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, I share my predictions on claim frequency, volatility, apps, drones, and customer experience.

What do you think we’ll see in the next wave of claims insurtech?

About Amber Wuollet

Amber is a people-focused creative type who is energized by challenge, fueled by coffee, and fascinated by the power of data and innovation to reshape the world. She spend her days surrounded by data scientists and product leaders who see opportunity in each problem and solutions to each question. She's the co-host of The Insurance Nerdery video blog by Insurance Nerds.

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