Claims is the Place to Be

It’s what an insurance company is selling.

So why wouldn’t it be most important component of an insurance company?

All too often we may hear that Claims is a good stepping stone.  Or a way to get your foot in the insurance door.

Well I’m here to say that Claims should be a destination career for people looking to make an impact on people’s lives.

I take you through why I think that Claims is the place to be in this episode of The Insurance Nerdery.

About John Bachmann

John has a strong passion for helping people help people. In his roles within claims leadership, he has been able to live that passion through mentoring, coaching, evaluating, and recognizing the talents of licensed insurance adjusters. He has been fortunate enough to lead award-winning teams of insurance professionals that handle multiple lines of coverage including general liability, product liability, homeowner, and automobile claims. He has also had the opportunity to lead as well as participate in cross-functional capacities focusing on the improvement of the customer experience. John also co-hosts "The Insurance Nerdery, an Insurance Nerds Production"

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