Motivate Yourself with an Aspirational Resume

I have a resume, you have a resume, everybody has a resume.

Love it or hate it the resume is an endless source of stress for job searchers, an obsession for career nerds like us, something that gets swallowed in a black hole of HR ATS screening systems and the lifeblood of the recruiting industry. In the future we’ll spend a significant amount of time writing about the best way to write your resume, but today I want to focus on something a little bit different.

As of today, I have two resumes and you should too!

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I had been thinking about it for weeks and simply had not had the time to do it. Today, I finally did it, and it feels GREAT. I sat down and wrote an aspirational resume. What I want my resume to look like in 5 years. I know it feels silly but writing your aspirational resume can be life changing. Have you been wanting to go back for your MBA or maybe get featured in your industry press? Go ahead and put it on your aspirational resume and use the extra kick of energy to actually get going in that direction. Print it out in fancy resume paper and put it on your fridge, on your desk at work, on your bathroom mirror and any other place where you’re bound to run into it again and again, especially when you’re feeling low on energy and ready to give up.

Both resumes are critical to my professional development. But I’m starting to suspect that my future resume is the real catalyst for growth and change.

See, once I’ve typed, formatted, spellchecked and saved a future accomplishment on my future resume, it sorta feels … doable. Something in the back of my reptilian brain shifts gears, and suddenly the most fanciful achievement is just another bullet-point. No biggie. Heck, it’s practically done!

-Alexandra Franzen

I really couldn’t have said it better myself. She keeps her aspirational resume for her eyes only, and that’s fine, you can do that too if you want. Mine is below. From now on, every time I wake up at 5 am, every time I get home at 7 pm, every time I’ve put in 60 hours by Thursday I’m going to stare at that resume and visualize just how amazing it’ll be to make it my real resume.

Literally hanging on the fridge, with Superman duct tape!

What will your aspirational resume include?

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