Profiles In Risk – Episode 27: Joe Rossi – Making A Difference Against “The 100-Year Flood Problem”

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Joe Rossi, aka, The Flood Man, seemingly spends 24/7 speaking on, providing coverage for and consulting with property owners & communities on issues around flooding.

Joe was an architectural graduate from Wentworth Institue ofTechnology in Boston, when his hometown of Marshfield lost their coastal flood wall and Joe was thrust into community service. Since then, Joe started the Marshfield Coastal Coalition – a local non-profit…gone national – and consults with property owners via the Flood Insurance Services of America and the Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency in New England.

In this episode, we talk about Joe’s transition into flood consulting and flood insurance. We also dig deep into the Marshfield Coastal Coalitions official petition to Congress regarding the NFIP’s reauthorization in September 2017. Joe is quick to point out that the NFIP reauthorization has a lot more to do than just insurance and spells out how flood mitigation is the biggest weapon the NFIP (and we) have to mitigate future flood losses and build flood resiliency into our system. We also debate the tricky trade-offs of expanding coverage and affordability of flood insurance. All in all, our country’s flood mess won’t be solved with these initial proposals, but as Joe is wise to remind us, these problems didn’t just appear, so these problems could, in fact, need hundreds of years of solutions to resolve.

This is a must listen for any of the flood geeks out there.

Many thanks to Joe for recording this with me after he had a very long day of presentations which resulted in a very sore throat.



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Flood Insurance Services of America (FISA)


National Flood Determination Association
Massachusetts Coastal Coalition
Associate in National Flood Insurance designation (ANFI)
Certified Flood Plain Manager designation (CFM)
Community Rating System (CRS)
Biggert-Waters Act of 2012


The 20 Cities Most Vulnerable to Flooding

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