Making Commercial Trucking Safer With AI – A Risk & Robots Podcast Interview with Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto

Outward focused cameras on commercial vehicles was innovative technology years ago, especially in adjudicating at-fault incidences where the liabilities can be in the millions of dollars.

Nauto is reinnovating the outward focused camera with AI.

By embedding AI algorithmic software within cameras economically, Nauto can help drivers avoid collisions by proactively coaching drivers on conditions that the AI detects that could potentially lead to an incidence (at-fault or NOT) by giving the driver a few seconds heads-up about what is about to happen. The best claim, is no claim, and while outward-focused cameras are a terrific innovation, they cannot proactively prevent an accident from occurring (only using video hindsight to determine the at-fault nature of the incident). With AI – technology can now economically come to the rescue by bringing prevention and mitigation to commercial auto. This clearly has insurance implications. But wait there is more…

Because Nauto is capturing outward (and inward)-focused video on thousands of vehicles, Nauto has billions of miles and tens of thousands of collisions (and avoided collisions) that the AI can now use to train drivers. So drivers not only get a real-time driving jedi in the truck with them, they also now have a simulator to be used in driver training. How do pilots train? With simulation! How do doctors train? With simulation! Ultimately what we may find is that the benefit of AI is its ability to significantly decrease the learning curve of humans. Years of training and studying to months of duration. Months to weeks. Weeks to days and days to minutes.

AI + Human >>> (AI) or (Human)


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