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Looking to super-boost the productivity of your agency, and stand out from the crowd? Use VIDEO! The momentum surrounding video is simply incredible, as many swear by its power in marketing. According to Wyzowl, 84% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after they watched a video.

That’s why it’s critical that you pay attention to and utilize this medium as a way for you to attract, engage and retain clients.

But, without a plan, your video program might never get off the ground. To help with this, we’ve provided several examples, listed below, that will provide a great framework for implementing video in your marketing strategy.

Create a “Why Work With Our Agency” video, or staff introduction videos

Wouldn’t you agree that a personal connection is highly important in today’s digital world? This is your chance to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd! Tell your prospective clients why they should choose to work with you instead of someone down the street or from a large carrier. Keep it short, but be sure to let the viewer know what makes you different!

Use video to create customer testimonials
Let your insureds speak on your behalf! Make these testimonial videos with varied topics, so any prospective buyer can see all the ways you’ve helped your clients. Effective testimonials can go a long way in adding credibility to you and your agency. Again, you’ll want to make sure these videos are short and sweet (aim for under one minute!), and aim for specificity — vague statements like “they’re the best” don’t offer much insight to prospective clients.

Create Video Quotes
By creating video quotes, you can, in real time, go over all of the intricacies of a policy with your clients and prospects. With simple screen recording software you’ll be able to call out and explain every line, and add a personal touch to your quoting process, creating a deeper level of assurance within your insureds.

Birthday and Holiday Videos

This is a relationship business!  Let’s remember that everyone loves to be celebrated on their special day, and birthday and holiday videos allow you to do just that (and in a simple and cost-effective way). Be sure to express your personality, and make it fun. Singing is not a requirement, so long as your tone is otherwise upbeat.

Tip: Many email service providers (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Agency Revolution) not only allow you to BULK blast to your entire list but let you to set up “birthday campaigns” that will send your birthday videos automatically.

Also: Be sure to double check the capabilities of your agency management. Many are now including “email marketing” modules that would be perfect for Birthdays and Holidays.

Create videos that answer FAQs and explain coverages

How many times have you been asked how an umbrella policy works, or whether a flood insurance policy would be a sound investment? Rather than dredge through printed policies to explain coverages, use video! With video, you’re able to leverage the power of storytelling to better communicate the value of insurance. And, because an informed client is more likely to make a purchase decision, a good video can help you to sell more!

The best part is, that once you’ve made the video, it can be used again and again — when quoting, on your website, in your email newsletter and even on social media (a smart way to work!).

Tip: Keep these videos to two to three minutes in length. Consider using visuals to help reinforce your message.

Video is a growing medium that cannot be ignored, and these are just a few tips to help you integrate it into your marketing strategy. Video can be useful in all stages of the customer life cycle, helping to attract, engage, and retain your clients and prospects. And, according to Brainshark, video will account for 74% of all internet traffic in 2017, so there’s no better time than now to get started.


Author:   Mike Demko is Founder & CEO of My Insurance Videos, a “done-for-you” solution that includes over 40 “insurance explainer” videos to help agents drive growth and retention.  The videos can be used on your website, when quoting & cross selling, in your email marketing & on social media. We also offer custom Birthday and Holiday Videos that include your Voice.  






About Mike Demko

Mike Demko is a nationally recognized digital marketing expert, and the founder of My Insurance Videos. Hundreds of agency owners use the My Insurance Video platform to attract, engage and retain clients. There’s 40+ videos that can be: - Sent via email to clients and prospects when quoting and cross selling - Embedded on agent websites & included in your email newsletter - Posted to Facebook - Posted to LINKEDIn The My Insurance Videos platform also includes custom Birthday and Holiday Videos (4th of July, Thanksgiving, Season’s Greetings) that include the agent’s voice.

If you're an insurance agent you need to start thinking about how to use video to reach your audience. Guest author Mike Demko explains.

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