Why I Make Insurance Videos

Why do you make insurance videos?

I get this question a lot and recently realized it’s just one of my many unusual life choices . . .

I also commute 800 miles a work, get irrelevant degrees, and eat a lot of avocado toast.

Ok I also do a lot of really normal stuff but we’ll cover the unusual choices first.

In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery I share a bit about my weird life choices, why I do what I do and why I have no regrets.

About Amber Wuollet

Amber is a people-focused creative type who is energized by challenge, fueled by coffee, and fascinated by the power of data and innovation to reshape the world. She spend her days surrounded by data scientists and product leaders who see opportunity in each problem and solutions to each question. She's the co-host of The Insurance Nerdery video blog by Insurance Nerds.

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