Hey #Insurance – Ep 102- Should you accept a counteroffer?

Hey #Insurance, Should you ever take a counteroffer? #Career

About Antonio Canas

Tony started in insurance in 2009 and immediately became a designation addict and shortly thereafter a proud insurance nerd. He has worked in claims, underwriting, finance and sales management, at 4 carriers, 6 cities and 5 states. Tony is passionate about insurance, technology and especially helping the insurance industry figure out how to retain and engage the younger generation of insurance professionals. Tony is a co-founder of InsNerds.com and a passionate speaker.

2 thoughts on “Hey #Insurance – Ep 102- Should you accept a counteroffer?”

  1. After a counter offer, 18 years later I was promoted 5 times. After 20 years with that company I left because I wanted to leave. I guess it really comes down to why you would want to leave. Maybe the better advice is to talk with your boss about your future and the opportunity.

    After 40 years in leadership, the lesson here is be completely open and transparent, employee and company.


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