PiR E178 – Discussing Bryan Falchuk’s New Book: The 50 75 100 Solution: Build Better Relationships

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Bryan Falchuk returns and we discussed his new book The 50 75 100 Solution: Build Better Relationships.

In any relationship, whether professional, romantic, family, friendship or some other type, there are two sides to the story – yours and theirs. And in some of these, the dynamic is difficult and we wish for things to be better.

What if there was a way to have healthier relationships? For tough ones, what if you could make them easier, even if you think you aren’t the cause of the problem? And for those that are already ok, what if you could make them happier, healthier and more fulfilling?

(note: Nick’s audio stopped recording about 30 minutes into this broadcast. We have recreated some of the questions, but you may hear or see discrepancies due to this.)




LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanfalchuk/
Insurance Evolution Homepage – https://insurance-evolution.com/

The 50 75 100 Solution by Bryan Falchuk – https://amzn.to/35dDAAX
Open Heart, Clear Mind by Thubten Chodron – https://amzn.to/39vAuvo

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About Nick Lamparelli

Nick Lamparelli is a 20+ year veteran of the insurance wars. He has a unique vantage point on the insurance industry. From selling home & auto insurance, helping companies with commercial insurance, to being an underwriter with an excess & surplus lines wholesaler to catastrophe modeling Nick has wide experience in the industry. Over past 10 years, Nick has been focused on the insurance analytics of natural catastrophes and big data. Nick serves as our Chief Evangelist.

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