Purple Ponderings with Pankaj – Pilot Episode 01

We are so pleased to add a new podcast to the growing Insurance Nerds Production suite. Pankaj Parashar is CEO of Purple Ant, an insurtech whose mission is to make smart technology ubiquitous in the property space. Purple Ant is helping insurers navigate the minefield of smart devices, how they should be implemented and how insurers can participate in the risk mitigative features of these devices. In this podcast series, Pankaj will hold our hand and walk us through this minefield. This podcast will be insightful for insurers, brokers and anyone who wants to learn more about smart technology. Each episode will explore the evolution and adoption of sensors and IoT devices within the insurance ecosystem. In this pilot episode, Pankaj speaks with Nick Lamparelli about the podcast launch, and what to expect in the coming months.


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About Pankaj Parashar

Pankaj Parashar is Co founder and CEO of Purple Ant. Our vision is to help homeowners fall in love with their insurers in home telematics space using new technologies such as IOT and AI. We have a complete solution comprising hardware, software and platform that enables Carriers to adopt these technologies and pay on a subscription basis to provide Insureds with a positive experience.

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