Teaser – The 2023 Year in Insurance Search

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At the end of each year, we aggregate and anonymize search insights from what insurance professionals using ProNavigator were searching for (the 2023 report will be released in early February)

We look at not only the total volume of these aggregated search queries, but also the seasonality, and other factors. Sharing these insights with our clients, helps identify friction points or knowledge gaps that can be addressed.

Searches centered around finding information that an employee needed to complete a task or answer customer questions. These include everything from looking up a code for submissions, to finding someone’s contact information, to questions about vehicle inspections.

Two specific searches highlight many things I have written about the past couple of months.

A top search query – Contact Information

I’m often surprised by how mundane some of the top searches are.

One of the most common top searches by ProNavigator users was for contact information…quarter after quarter, searches for contact information ranked near the top.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem to rise to the level of critical knowledge that employees should struggle to find. But that’s exactly the point – they’re spending too much time hunting down basic information like contact details, emails, or other non-critical information.

This is just one of thousands of topics we track, but a consistent theme emerges throughout, which is that while employees are searching for answers to problems that require a complex technical solution, many of the top search requests are for the non-technical, non-complex solution that should be readily available.

There must be a better way to make this information more accessible without wasting time searching or pinging a team member. So that staff can focus on higher-value tasks.

By providing leaders with these insights, we help identify clear opportunities to optimize knowledge sharing and boost productivity.

Predictable and seasonal queries

One of the top search requests for 2023 was for “Winter Tires” – with these occurring in Q3 (July-September).

September marks the transition to fall and colder weather, often with early snow. We suspect this may explain part of it. In some areas, there may be a requirement around when snow tires need to be installed, and the data reflects a demand for information about that.

Rather than reacting to these searches, carriers and brokers could get ahead of the demand. Proactively publishing reminders, fact sheets, blog posts, or social media content about winter tires just before the seasonal uptick could help.

This small change could eliminate calls to your operations, positioning your company as a trusted resource, but it also frees up employees to do more valuable work.

The Year in Search 2023

The Year in Search always provides valuable insights for us that we can then share with the industry. Some searches will show a one-time peak based on a rare event (such as a hurricane), but others will show persistent trends. Either way, it allows companies to be proactive and find ways to deliver knowledge without the need to search for it.

Stay tuned for the full Year in Search 2023 Report – coming soon.

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