Get Ready with Bill Heestand!: How a Smart Employee Can Buy Out the Boss

Your ownership in the business, the way that you finance your exit, allows you to help that person finance the sale and is an annuity for you. – Bill Heestand

In this episode, I spoke with Bill Heestand, author of the Ownership Ladder about how to set up a successful internal business transfer & sale including setting a reasonable valuation. We also discussed how to succeed in the financial services industry and build a successful business.

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Bill is an author, entrepreneur and small business expert. During his thirty-two years as a business owner, Bill grew a company specializing in highly customized retirement, health and welfare benefits and business planning for client companies and their employees. In 2017 Bill retired and relocated to Texas after closing the internal Ownership Ladder sale of his company. Following more than a year of taking stock, reflection, and fun, Bill created Ownership Ladder to share the mindset and life expertise to help potential intrapreneurs to the life they have been dreaming about.

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