Profiles in Risk – E75: Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub on Property Risk, Fire Hydrants, The Law of Large Numbers & Stand-up Comedy

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Bob Frady is not your normal CEO. Bob is CEO and co-founder of HazardHub, a company which provides a full hazard report card on your property. Fire, flood, wind, earth movement, and even man-made risks are all covered and graded. The report also tells property owners where the closest fire station and fire hydrants are. It is the most comprehensive hazard report available. You can get one free at Here is an image of a report:

One interesting take away from my conversation with Bob was about the Law of Large Numbers. This insurance principle has protected insurers for 300 years. Even with Insurtech on the rise, insurers are still somewhat shielded by the Law of Large Numbers. So even in an environment with imperfect information becoming less imperfect every day, this principle is still quite valid (information will never be perfect).

Bob was also a stand-up comic. With permission, here is my favorite laugh out loud skit of Bob’s

HazardHub Home Page

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