Profiles in Risk: E454 – Reducing Internal Water Damage With Sensor Technology; Yaron Dycian, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT Water Intelligence

Internal water claims are the 2nd (or 3rd) largest source of aggregate loss that homeowners experience after catastrophic wind/hail.

Source: Insurance Information Institute ( )

It is a significant source of frustration to property owners because losses can be caused by slow, undetectable leaks that over time create the mess. The mess gets even worse for multi-story structures where water can create a mess in the immediate area of a leak and the floors beneath it if not caught in time.

This is one area where technology is coming to the rescue with sensors that can detect leaks. Some sensors can sense changes in humidity that signal a leak may have occurred and other sensors can be applied directly to the plumbing pipes where software can measure flow, changes in flow and whether a leak may be occurring (some of these sensor will even shut the water off or can be controlled via bluetooth or remotely)

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Tony talks about water damage with Yaron Dycian, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT Water Intelligence. They specialize in managing water in buildings which comes in through dumb pipes and is used by dumb valves and faucets. It’s an unmanaged resource! Managing water is becoming a serious issue, even in the developed world. Unbelievably, about 25% of all water in a building is wasted because of death by a thousand cuts! Water damage in buildings is one of the very highest causes of property losses and WINT can radically improve that.

Yaron Dycian:

WINT Water Intelligence:

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