The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience – E = Expectation

As we continue on with the Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience, this week we chat about the big “E”

And for you NASCAR fans out there, we’re not talking about Dale Earnhardt.

We’re talking about Expectations.

I truly believe that expectation setting will be the most important vowel we’ll talk about.

If we do it well, we have all of the control.

If we don’t do it or don’t do it well, we have zero control.

There are a few things we do need to keep in mind when setting a customer’s expectations.  So let’s jump into those in this episode of The Insurance Nerdery.

About John Bachmann

Helping People Help People - that's John's true passion. 
As a Claims Leader in the insurance industry, he was able to live that passion through mentoring and coaching licensed insurance adjusters so that they were prepared to help customers and claimants through their most difficult experiences. He has been fortunate enough to lead award-winning teams of insurance professionals as well has been able to lead and participate in cross-functional capacities focusing on the improvement of the Customer Experience.
 He is currently on a mission to help improve upon the relationships between Carriers, Agencies, and Clients so that the Customer wins. He has been referred to as an "Insurance Nerd", "Claims Guy", and "Customer Experience Fan Boy" - and when asked John says he would have to agree! John also co-hosts "The Insurance Nerdery, an Insurance Nerds Production" which provides commentary about the insurance industry.

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