How Did The Passion Start?

Sure, you see me now and you see passion for a life in and around insurance.  But it wasn’t always this way.

Initially I just had a job that equaled a paycheck.  It wasn’t even a career at that point.  Never mind a “calling.”

We all have a back story to how we became so passionate.  How we became Insurance Nerds.  Hell, if I wore a red blazer with a Superman t-shirt, it might be called an Origin Story.

In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, I share a story about the claim that changed my life.  Even this many years later, it is still emotional speaking about.

I’d love to hear your story as well.  When did the passion start for you?

About John Bachmann

Helping People Help People - that's John's true passion. 
As a Claims Leader in the insurance industry, he was able to live that passion through mentoring and coaching licensed insurance adjusters so that they were prepared to help customers and claimants through their most difficult experiences. He has been fortunate enough to lead award-winning teams of insurance professionals as well has been able to lead and participate in cross-functional capacities focusing on the improvement of the Customer Experience.
 He is currently on a mission to help improve upon the relationships between Carriers, Agencies, and Clients so that the Customer wins. He has been referred to as an "Insurance Nerd", "Claims Guy", and "Customer Experience Fan Boy" - and when asked John says he would have to agree! John also co-hosts "The Insurance Nerdery, an Insurance Nerds Production" which provides commentary about the insurance industry.

3 thoughts on “How Did The Passion Start?”

  1. Wow…your story was a look back for me. Long before Insurance nerds, I was a self professed insurance nerd. Delighted that it’s a real thing now! Thanks for validating what I’ve been saying all along. There is no better career that hits the buttons of business, technology and the human aspect better than Insurance.
    I started out as an UW with a larger carrier, evolved into claims, because quite frankly, I like to talk with people. (not that agents aren’t people, but you know what I mean). I will be forever grateful to that UW manager who suggested I look at claims as an option.
    The turning point for me to leave the “industry” for the tech world, is part of the challenging balance that industry folks face. I had become cynical. A description that no one who knows me would ever use to describe me…but it happened. I was conflicted; the Company or the individual who expected a promise fulfilled.
    I too have a particular claim that changed the trajectory of my career, and like you, I’m still emotional when I think about the circumstances. In the end, I was a hero to the Company, but personally, I’m still haunted by the outcome.
    I will always believe that Insurance is a great career path to pursue and I welcome the opportunity to recruit. It provides a perfect balance of people, process and technology.
    Thank you so much for this forum and this group.

    • Rita,
      Thanks so much for the kind words. All too often Claims gets the tough reputation because it’s usually only the unhappy stories that get told. I’m hoping more and more folks will tell their impactful stories that will prove that Claims can and should be a career destination! Thanks again for nerding out with us! -JB


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