Five Ways to Add Value That Do Not Cost You a Penny!

As a consumer of insurance, I am tired of hearing about how every carrier can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance.  If this is true, if you switch often enough, insurance should theoretically be free… shouldn’t it?

There is no perception of value when all that is communicated is the price! Consumers may begin to wonder, “what is being taken away from me, as the price gets lower and lower?”

So, what if instead of racing to the bottom and selling solely on price, the insurance industry, and everyone else for that matter, returned to delivering real value for the amount charged?  What if companies could communicate what their value is, how paying more saves money in the long run and instilling in people the belief that service matters?

We are living in a world where customer experience is the true differentiator. Consumers want to be valued and feel like they are being taken care of, listened to and respected.

Yes, companies can spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, trying to create customer experience technology, digital workflow and sales funnels that “feel” authentic, but if you really want to WOW clients and solidify relationships, here are five things that you can do today, that will not cost you a penny.


It amazes me how many companies send customers into phone tree hell. Bouncing them from department to department and in the end, no one is there to pick up the phone or answer a question. People are forced to leave messages or send emails, many of which are never returned, leaving clients to search for another vendor who will respond to their inquiry.

Having a culture that says that the phone is picked up by the third ring, no matter what tells the person on the other end of the phone they are needed and that their business matters. If the person, whose extension the person dialed is busy, then have the phone picked up by someone else. The person who picks up the phone may need to take a message, but the difference is, the person who calls knows that the information has been listened to, acknowledged and that it will be passed on. They also have a realistic idea of when they will be called back and by whom.


How many websites do you go to, specifically looking for a phone number to call and you either spend way too much time hunting down the number or cannot find it at all? Why do companies that want to do business hide their phone numbers?

Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer, who has a question or wants to purchase something to have to search for a phone number. Not everyone wants to deal with artificial intelligence or chatbots. Many people want to deal with a live human being who can answer questions in real time and talk about nuances of product or service not programmed into the technology.

Not making it easy for those people to access you, gives them more than ample reason to find someone who will and tell every single person they know how impossible you are as a vendor.


If you are tired of answering simple questions that you perceive are available on your website, then it is time to re-evaluate the situation. If you are still getting those questions over and over again, it means the information is not clear and not easy to find on your website, period.

Having your staff create short how-to videos that give people step by step instructions solves a lot of problems. A well-done video, done by your customer service or tech support teams that are answering those questions every day goes a long way to help add value.

Asking clients what videos they would like added empowers your customers and enabling comments on the videos also helps you upgrade videos if they seem unclear to those using them.

Never assume your customers understand the nuances of your product or service just as you do, they do not. That is why they come to you in the first place.


Having basic information in an email signature for everyone in the company is beneficial and does not cost a penny. By having every signature have the company website, social media feeds, address, phone number and email address of the person makes it easy for people to find you. If they are on their phones, your address becomes a Google Map and allows people to drive to your door more easily and stress-free.

You can also add other information to signatures like an event link button. That link would take people directly to a page on your website that displays what events you will be attending or sponsoring over the next while, what booth you are in and possibly how to book a meeting with you at the show.


All of us need to update our websites regularly. That is a reality. As technology changes, so must we. The suggestion I have is that when you next make a major change to your website, make sure that mobile friendliness is front and center in your design considerations. More than fifty percent of people today are looking at your website from a mobile device. If it is hard to navigate or read, people will wonder what else about your product or service is not easy to use and will look elsewhere. Do not give them an excuse.

To your success.

Ben Baker


About Ben Baker

Ben Baker wants to help you engage, retain, and grow your most valuable asset … your employees. He provides workshops and consulting to enable staff to understand, codify, and communicate their value effectively internally and externally and Retain Employees Through Leadership. The author of Powerful Personal Brands: A Hands-On Guide to Understanding Yours and the host of the IHEART Radio syndicated show, he writes extensively on leadership, brand, and internal communication strategy.

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